There are many different garden paving materials and designs on offer.

First and foremost it’s important to focus on functionality — is the paving a ‘living area’ with an outside dining table and chairs and maybe a barbecue or is its primary purpose more aesthetic, a way to show off the garden to its best effect? This will make a big difference on the paving chosen and on the style in which it is laid.

Paving Walkways or Patios

Functionality and safety is extremely important for any walkways around your property; narrow paths or broken slabs of paving can be hazardous. New paving will make a huge difference, and it can really restore the outside of your property.

front patio with concrete paving

Concrete paving

A nicely designed pathway creates a great first impression when you enter a property and can be made a feature in itself. There are many different paving designs that can be both practical and attractive.

white sandstone paving with spaced planters

White sandstone paving with deliberate plant growth in-between

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