If you’re installing a hot tub in your garden then you really are making the most of your outdoor living space, congratulations! Nothing beats sitting outside relaxing in the warm water, taking in the surroundings of your garden, and enjoying a glass of bubbly. However, before you install your tub it’s essential to put in a solid hot tub base that will support its weight, the water and the people sitting in it.

Installing a hot tub without an effective base can result in a lot of problems later, causing more stress than relaxation! If a hot tub base is not supportive enough or level, then the hot tub may subside into the ground and the water may leak. Poor drainage at the base can also cause problems resulting in pooling of water than could also damage the hot tub.

The type of base you need will depend on the size of hot tub and the surface you want your hot tub to be installed on, which could include decking, concrete, prefabricated bases, or gravel beds.

Hot Tub Base Installation

We can prepare a base for your hot tub on any outdoor surface, however we have a recommended solution that will ensure a level finish with ample drainage to ensure you can relax when you are using your tub.
A modern and effective approach to creating a stable and environmentally friendly base for your hot tub, shed or even an outside shelter for pets is now available. This technique involves laying plastic interlocking grids on top of a stable, level and compacted foundation that is then filled with gravel.

solid hot tub base

Hot tub base preparation

The benefits of this method are that water can drain away from the base of your hot tub or structure so that there is no rotting around the base, the grids are made with 100% recycled plastic and the installation is more eco-friendly compared to a concrete foundation.  These grids have been pressure tested and can withstand up to 420 tonnes per square metre. When properly installed this type of hot tub base is just as solid as concrete and is water and UV resistant. The grid structure also allows water to flow away, decreasing the chance of water damage to your tub. It is also far more easily dismantled and moved if you are moving to a new house or renting your property, unlike concrete.

hot tub on finished base left side

Hot tub on finished base left side

Hot tub on finished base right side including extra walkway

Hot tub on finished base right side including extra walkway

If you’ve already invested in an expensive hot tub, then it’s essential to install this on a solid foundation so you can enjoy it with peace of mind.

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