Pressure washing is often the best way to get rid of moss, lichen and algae from the hard surfaces in your garden, patios and driveways. Throughout the year, and particularly over winter months, there can be a buildup of leaves and other debris from the garden that accumulate on hard surfaces outside of the house. This buildup can not only make your garden look untidy and dirty, but it can also be a hazard for anyone walking on pathways. Pressure washing patios and paths around your property will help prevent them from becoming slippery and make them much safer for you to walk on.

Decking before and after pressure washing

Decking before and after pressure washing

Pressure washing areas of hard landscaping around your property will also rejuvenate them, transforming the overall look of your garden or outdoor living space. Regularly pressure washing and maintaining any patios or decking areas will ensure they are clean, and reduce the amount of dirt that gets dragged into the house when you or your visitors have been outside. They can also help to increase the lifespan of any hard landscaping areas.

At Garden Escapes Landscaping we offer a professional pressure washing service which will get your patio and pathways looking clean and refreshed.

Pressure Washing Service

  • Clearance of any debris
  • Weeding along paths
  • Scrubbing with plant friendly cleaner (if needed)
  • Pressure washing patios, decking or driveways
  • Re-pointing patios or stonework
  • On-going pressure washing

It can be difficult to clean areas properly without the use of a pressure washer or knowledge of the right cleaning products. Harsh chemicals sometimes used to clean areas of hard landscaping can cause damage to your lawn and plants, which can take time to recover. We aim to avoid the use of chemicals in gardens where possible, and if necessary we’ll ensure products are plant-friendly and won’t kill your garden.

stair decking before pressure washing

Stair decking before pressure washing

Stair decking after pressure washing

Stair decking after pressure washing

Sometimes once an area has been pressure washed, it reveals areas of stonework that required re-pointing. Once clean we can also repoint any driveways, patios or stonework to bring it back to new and to help prevent re-growth of any weeds coming through the cracks.There are a range of pointing compounds on the market that will match the colour and preferred look of patios, we can advise and finish them correctly so that your patio or driveway looks rejuvenated. For block paving, kiln-dried sand is brushed in to refill the joints.

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