When Sir Isaac Newton sat underneath the famous apple tree on his beautifully landscaped lawn and found some quiet time to think, he developed his initial theory of gravity. It’s unlikely that the rest of us will come up with a groundbreaking scientific theory while sitting in the garden, but having a place to escape our busy lives can be beneficial in so many ways.

Your garden should be a relaxing and enjoyable place in which you can escape for a touch of tranquility. It should be an outside extension of your home. Whether you want a relaxing hideaway or a place for the family to dine alfresco, we can help you transform your garden to suit your needs.

In Cornwall we’re lucky to have a much milder climate than the rest of the UK all year round, which means more time can be spent and enjoyed outside. At Garden Escapes Cornwall we provide landscaping services aimed at helping you reclaim your outdoor living space. If you have a garden or patio that you’re not making the most of, we can help.

Get in touch today to find out how landscape gardening can transform your garden into your perfect outdoor living area….who knows it just might lead to your very own eureka moment.